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This is just a slightly modified version of the standard SteemSSE Atari ST emulator. I have just hacked in my own shader which emulates some aspects of old CRT monitors, as I prefer to play emulated games with such a filter, and the built-in SteemSSE scanlines are not to my taste. I made this because I wanted it myself, but since I have it I thought I'd share it. There's probably lots of things which could be done better, but it's good enough for my needs right now, so leaving it like this for now. The source code is available here: https://github.com/mattiasgustavsson/steem-crt

I am not a Steem expert, so I won't be able to help you get games working in the emulator or things like that, but if you have questions about my CRT shader, feel free to DM me on twitter, @Mattias_G.

This release comes with a handful of games bundled with it, to make it quick and easy to try the filter out with some real content. They are playable demo versions rather than full games, so as not to not infringe any copyrights. 

Run it by extracting the files and running the SteemCRT.exe file in the root of the package. This will load up a menu for easy launch of the game demos. 

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This should be merged into the official version...

I did the modification very quickly, so it is quite a messy integration. To bring this into the official version would take a lot more effort, including porting the CRT code from opengl to D3D. I think it would be awesome if someone did that, but that someone will not be me, I don’t have the time for it unfortunately 

Oh yes, I do understand that. My comment was more in the "Friday should be Pizza day" or "my boss should give me a raise" spirit :D

love this version, great job!

thanks :)