A downloadable game engine

Pixie is my own little game engine for C/C++. A basic framework for making small retro styled 2D games. It supports 256 colors, and draws some of its inspiration from old-school BASIC programming languages.

Currently, the code is very much in pre-beta stage. Expect lots of things not to work. There's no documentation. There are bits missing, and bits which are just plain wrong. I am putting it up here so I have a place to point people to when I ask them to look things over and give me feedback - but it is probably too early to start using it for a real project.

At this point, I am not accepting any pull requests - but feel free to report issues if you find them. Also, I am happy to answer questions and discuss the code - I've set up a discussion board, see below.

The code can be downloaded from:


Development log