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It has been a bad month. Couple of bum deals, now you owe Fat Tony more than you can pay. And everyone pays their debts to Fat Tony, one way or another. They say you have 24 hours to come up with the dosh. Or else.

"Extrication" is a small point-and-click style adventure game, where you take the role of a small-time crook trying to escape a messed up situation.

Install instructions

Download the zip-file, extract the files, and just run Extrication.exe.


extrication_sharecart1000.zip 10 MB


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Would you be interested in releasing this game's point and click engine in a similar way you did with Yarnspin? I'd love to give it a try since I enjoyed YS a lot (even though I lost my game files to a hard drive corruption lol)

Yeah, I’d probably consider releasing the source code to Extrication at some point. The problem though, is that it is not an “engine” in the same way that Yarnspin is. The dialogs are in a script format, but everything else is hard-coded C++ code, which is entirely specific to Extrication and not meant to be general at all. It probably doesn’t make much sense to use the Extrication code for anything else, it would probably be easier to code it from scratch.

That being said though, making a general engine which is script driven and capable of powering a game in the style of Extrication would be a fun thing to do some day :)

oh, and I’m sorry you lost your files, that always sucks