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While looking through my old Atari ST disks, and looking at all the demos we made in the early nineties, I thought it would be a good idea to collect all of the demos in one package, with emulators for DOS and Atari ST pre-configured to run them. So we started working on it, and it kept growing until it contained all our releases, and also some previously unreleased stuff.  Some of the unreleased stuff was almost, but not quite, finished, so while putting this together I hade to do both som DOS programming in assembler and Turbo Pascal, as well as some assembler programming in the GenST assembler for Atari ST. It has been lots of fun, and the other members have helped out a lot. 

We hope you will enjoy it!


  • Crystalic Collection (1991)
  • Embryonic Demos (1991)
  • Even Easter (1992)
  • Crystalic Goes Party (1992)
  • Gnurk (1993)
  • Track Mania 2 (1993)
  • Ambition (1994)
  • Crystalic Goes PC (1997)
  • Mr. FroOonk - The Crystal Collector (1999)
  • 15th Anniversary Demo


  • Two-hour Screen (What's Up Demo 1991)
  • Ugly Graffiti Screen (Big Tyme 1991)
  • Crystalic Goes Xmas (Big Tyme 1991)
  • Rimrottarej (Celestial Power 1992)
  • Crystalic Goes Lame (Celestial Power 1992)
  • Pure As Water (1992)
  • Extreme Rage (1993)


  • Music Collection (1991)
  • Intro for "Even Worse"
  • The Inverview 

This collection was made possible by DOSBOX and SteemSSE open source emulators.

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AuthorMattias Gustavsson


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